Ohme Home Pro

from £999


Includes VAT and site survey. 
3 year warranty

Product Overview


Ohme’s discreet and compact Home Pro takes home charging to a whole new level. The brand-new LCD screen is the first of its kind and allows you to control your EV charging from the charger itself. The Home Pro also features in-built dynamic load balancing (to prevent an overload to your electricity circuit) and PEN fault detection (so no need to pay for additional parts).


  • Tethered model


  • Type 2 connector


  •  7kW (25 miles of range per hour)


  • 5m cable length (an 8m cable is also available - please contact us for further information)


  • Charge via the mobile app or LCD screen


  • Schedule your charging and set maximum price caps


  • Connected via 3G/ 4G for easy set up


  • Over-the-air updates


  • Home power balancing


  • Compatible with all Type 2 EV models


Product Specification

Rated power

230mm x 140mm x 100mm (WxHxD)

Cable length
None - you can use whatever length cable you need

3 years (please contact us for extended warranty options)

Save Money

With a time-of-use or variable tariff, you'll pay less for your electricity at certain times of the day. The Ohme app uses your tariff information to charge as much as possible when the price is low to maximise your savings. Simply plug in and Ohme will take care of the rest


Go Greener

The Ohme server communicates with the grid which lets you charge when carbon intensity is at its lowest. Simply switch on the 'favour greener energy' feature in the Ohme app.


Customer obsessed

Customers are at the heart of everything Ohme do. Whether you're unsure which Ohme charger is right for you, or you need support on your electric transition, the friendly support team are there to help you no matter what.

Tariff Integration

Connect to your electricity tariff to charge at the cheapest rate


Use scheduling tools to make sure your car is ready to go when you are

EV Integration

Connect your car app for all your EV info in one place

Cost management

Save money on charging by setting a maximum price gap

Charge history

See how much you've charged and spent each moment


Ohme's award-winning support team are on hand for any questions you have

Installation: a step-by-step guide

We offer a simple, fast and hassle-free installation service

Before installation


First, we’ll ask about your home and existing electrical supply. We’ll also check to see if you’re eligible for any grants.


One of our surveyors will then visit to confirm we have all the right information about your property. They’ll check whether any upgrades are needed and make sure everything is ready for our technical team. 


Please note, our surveyors are unable to advise you on cable routes and electrical infrastructure.

Select options


Our technical team will check your survey within two working days and guide you through the next steps.


We’ll let you know if any upgrades are needed before we start your installation, so there are no surprises. We will also get the required approvals from the Distribution Network operator (DNO).

Once all the approvals are in place, we aim to have your installation booked in within two weeks.

Installation day


From arriving at your property to your very first charge, installation takes around three to four hours.


Our fully qualified electrical engineers will keep you informed and make sure you’re all set up on your specific charger’s app. They’ll also run through a demo, so you know exactly how it works.

We won’t leave until you’re comfortable with everything, and you know how to get the most out of your charger.

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