Indra Smart PRO

from £965 socket / £999 tethered
(wifi connection only)


Includes VAT and site survey. 
3 year warranty

Product overview


The Smart PRO is the smartest electric vehicle charger available on the market. Chock-full of the latest smart features, this innovative EV charger brings you cheaper, faster and more advanced home charging.


The British-made Smart PRO EV charger enables you to take advantage of the lowest-cost electricity from your energy supplier and free power from your rooftop solar without buying an add-on kit.


There's no need to worry about your 7kW home charger tripping your house fuse or compromising on a limited charging speed. Indra has squeezed all the latest safety features inside the Smart PRO EV charger, so you can say goodbye to extra boxes, fuses and cables cluttering your house.


You’ll also have the ability to check your status, update preferences and track your home charging history directly from your phone with their beautiful Indra App.

Product Specification

Rated power

200mm x 420mm x 130mm (WxHxD)

Cable length
5m (tethered unit only)

5 years

Customer Control

Control your chargepoint via Indra's web app, set preferences, override and boost


Tariff Optimisation

Ensure you charge at the cheapest time using the multi-rate features


House Fuse Protection

Your charger dynamically manages the speed of charge to give you the fastest possible charge while protecting your house fuse


Carbon Optimisation

Optimise charging to reduce the carbon intensity of your charging cycle


Solar charging

Increase the amount of green energy your car consumes from your solar panels

Customer App Control

Take control of your EV charger via the Indra web App. Check your status, update preferences and track your charging history from your mobile phone. The Smart PRO automatically generates a personal charging schedule each time you plug-in based on your preferences to ensure you’re always topped up.

House Fuse Protection

Don’t worry about blowing a fuse. You can dynamically change the maximum power to your EV charger depending on what else is being used in your home.

Tariff Optimisation 
and Off-peak charging

Add your electricity tariff details in the Indra web App and your electric car will automatically be charged at the cheapest times to keep your energy bill down.

Continuous Updates

Thanks to Indra's over-the-air (OTA) updates, your Smart PRO EV charger will automatically receive remote software updates to keep it getting smarter every day.

Safety Features

Smart PRO contains Indra’s industry leading, proprietary and patented PESTs technology providing protection for PEN faults, Earthing faults, Simultaneous contact risks, Touch voltage risks, DC leakage and load curtailment making it the safest EV charger on the market.

Solar Charging

As a solar compatible home charging EV charger, you can utilise your free green electricity from your solar panels to power your electric car.

Installation: a step-by-step guide

We offer a simple, fast and hassle-free installation service

Before installation


First, we’ll ask about your home and existing electrical supply. We’ll also check to see if you’re eligible for any grants.


One of our surveyors will then visit to confirm we have all the right information about your property. They’ll check whether any upgrades are needed and make sure everything is ready for our technical team. 


Please note, our surveyors are unable to advise you on cable routes and electrical infrastructure.

Select options


Our technical team will check your survey within two working days and guide you through the next steps.


We’ll let you know if any upgrades are needed before we start your installation, so there are no surprises. We will also get the required approvals from the Distribution Network operator (DNO).

Once all the approvals are in place, we aim to have your installation booked in within two weeks.

Installation day


From arriving at your property to your very first charge, installation takes around three to four hours.


Our fully qualified electrical engineers will keep you informed and make sure you’re all set up on your specific charger’s app. They’ll also run through a demo, so you know exactly how it works.

We won’t leave until you’re comfortable with everything, and you know how to get the most out of your charger.

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