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Why you should train as a heat pump engineer with Plug Me In



Are you a plumbing and heating engineer considering upgrading your skills and qualifications to become a heat pump installer? Then this blog is for you. We’re on a massive drive to recruit and train heat pump engineers to meet our current demand for installations, as well as the increasing requirement going forward as the boiler industry goes into decline. But this blog isn’t just a blatant plug for Plug Me In. There are plenty of reasons why you should come and train and work with us, which we’ll go into, but let’s start by looking at why plumbing and heating engineers need to future proof their skills and qualifications. 

Why you should train as a heat pump engineer with Plug Me In

Heat pumps are the hot topic
What might currently seem like quite a niche market, is rapidly growing. You’ve probably heard that the Government has ambitions to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028. It’s part of their plans to try and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Another part of that plan it to stop gas boilers being installed in newly built homes from 2025. Whilst that’s not to say that millions of homes won’t still have gas boilers that need servicing and repairing and A grade boilers can still be fitted in older homes, that’s still a lot of potential work for heat pump installers, like us. 


The fact we’re currently advertising 34 heat pump installer positions across the country, is testament to the fact that homeowners are waking up to the idea of replacing their old heating systems with heat pump technology. Figures released relating to the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) also support the fact that we’re about to see a huge uptake in heat pumps. Statistics indicate there were over 10,500 applications for the BUS grant up until November last year. That’s a huge wave to ride, and one that’s only going to gain momentum as heat pump technology advances.


Now is most certainly the time for plumbing and heating engineers to upgrade their qualifications and help ramp up the heat pump installer base, so that more people can take advantage of smarter energy options in their day-to-day lives. Heat pump installers will be an increasingly crucial part of the government’s target for over 480,000 high-skilled jobs as part of the Green Industrial Revolution, so let’s take a look at why you should jump on board with Plug Me In. 


Train at our dedicated training academy
We’re the driving force behind the UK’s smart energy technology revolution and that’s why, in 2016, we opened our very own dedicated training facility in Ashton in Greater Manchester. We recognised the need to stay ahead of the curve and the importance of recruiting and training top talent. For gas plumbing and heating engineers looking to upgrade their skills to become an air source heat pump installer for Plug Me In, then you’ll undergo your training at the Calisen Smarter Energy Academy (Calisen’s our parent company). 


If you don’t already have a heat pump qualification, then no problem. If you have a minimum Level 2 or Level 3 NVQ plumbing qualification and/or CCN1 and CENWAT with three years verifiable experience, we can provide you with the necessary skills and qualification over a three week training programme. At the end of this programme you will have a BPEC Level 3 Award in Air Source Heat Pump Systems (non-refrigerant).


If you already have a heat pump qualification and/or gas engineering qualification, then we offer an eight day competency based training programme. During the eight day programme we’ll assess your competency around heat pump installation and maintenance, as well as your competency on gas installation techniques and testing of gas boilers. 


By developing our own robust training programmes, monitoring our in-house trainers and assessors, and investing in our training facilities and resources, we can guarantee that not only do our engineers have the right level of competencies and skills, but also the attitudes and behaviours that align to our core company mission and values. Read more about the Calisen Smarter Energy Academy (link to blog).


Career progression and support
We’re here to support you every step of the way as you join the smarter energy revolution. We recognise that amazing things happen when we all work together – as one team. Whilst we set high standards in our work, we encourage everyone to make a positive impact and develop their skills and talents to their maximum abilities. You will be working with a team of exceptional colleagues, making friends and enjoying support and camaraderie every day. 


We’re here to open the door to new experiences, challenges and opportunities. Take a look at our careers page if you’d like to learn more about the heat pump installer vacancies that we’re currently recruiting for. We’d love you to come and join our team!