It's not just a job. 


Help us create a safer, smarter, energy-efficient Britain. 



We're leading the smart energy technology revolution.

We are Plug Me In. Through the installation of EV charging infrastructure, and the electrification of heat with heat pump technology, we’re creating a more sustainable future, bringing smarter energy to all. 


When we work, we put the customer first, but also strive to bring the smartest energy technology solutions to them to help them on their smart energy journey - we are helping them to achieve their goals by achieving ours. We want you to be at the forefront of this evolution and part of our Plug Me In family. Your Plug Me In career is calling! 

Your Plug Me In career is calling

We are one team

When we all work together, amazing things can happen. We are all committed to open dialogue and collaboration. We break down barriers to teamwork and avoid silos.

We put safety and wellbeing first

We take seriously our duty to create a safe working environment. We actively seek opportunities to improve safety and wellbeing. We challenge poor behaviour and recognise examples of excellence.

We do the right thing

We always act in an honest, fair, and transparent manner. We conduct ourselves professionally and with respect for our job and responsibilities. We are not afraid to say no if we feel something is wrong.

We care

We are inclusive - we respect each other and believe everyone matters. We set high standards for our work and lead by example. We make a positive difference to our colleagues, customers and communities.

We build for the future

We look to the future as we help to achieve the net zero challenge. We deliver to the highest standards today and welcome positive change in the future. We are open to feedback to keep improving our services and products.

Everyone's welcome


Coming together as one but embracing our differences in a safe and inclusive culture where everyone matters and our people are able to make a positive impact.

What's it like working at Plug Me In


Experience the fulfilment of working alongside dedicated professionals who share a common goal of making a meaningful impact. With challenges comes the reward of knowing you are helping to create change and enable growth, propelling our company forward as we strive to deliver on our shared values and collective mission. Embrace the satisfaction that comes from surpassing customer expectations and meeting the needs of our valued partners and clients, all while benefiting from the collaboration and support of a team of exceptional colleagues.

Training with experts

The Calisen Smarter Energy Academy


The Calisen Smarter Energy Academy is an industry-leading training centre that offers in-house technical teaching and skills to help deliver the exceptional standards of service Calisen and Plug Me In is renowned for.

Benchmarked to the highest of quality, with our unwavering commitment to Health and Safety, the academy's comprehensive programme of training is designed to reinforce a culture of continuous learning, high technical standards and quality services for our customers.