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The Boiler Upgrade Scheme just got a big boost



Last autumn saw a whopping 57% increase in people applying for the UK government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant. The grant, which is available in England and Wales, provides financial support to help homeowners switch from fossil fuel heating systems to a heat pump. The increase in applications, which rose from 1,231 in September to 3,355 in October, is being applied to the fact that in September 2023, the government announced that it was increasing the BUS grant to £7,500. We see this as incredibly encouraging and clearly so does the government, as they’ve recently allocated an extra £1.5bn to the BUS grant pot!  

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme just got a big boost

The BUS grant is available now, with the additional £1.5bn going into the pot to be made available from 2025 to 2028. The extra funds are part of a £6bn scheme to cut energy use and bills in UK homes, which are amongst the biggest contributors to the UK’s carbon footprint. The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is leading to the earth’s surface heating up, and as a result we’re already seeing a shift in seasons and extreme weather events, rising sea-levels and disappearing Artic sea-ice. With our homes accounting for around 40% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, switching to a heat pump, which emits no harmful emissions, is the absolutely way forward.  


“The unveiling of a further £1.545bn for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme from 2025-2028, among other initiatives, reflects a commitment to driving low-carbon heating, reducing carbon emissions and assisting households in England and Wales to transition to heat pumps,” the UK’s Heat Pump Association (HPA) said in a statement. “It shows a clear commitment to supporting the deployment of heat pumps and is equivalent to a 240% uplift in current annual funding,” said the HPA’s chief executive Charlotte Lee. 


Applications for the BUS grant first opened on 23 May 2022 and by the end of October 2023,  27,443 BUS voucher applications had been received, the majority (96%) of which were for air source heat pump installations. We’re certainly seeing a high rise in enquiries for air source heat pumps, and with the increased commitment and certainty from the government, we’re ramping up our own commitment and resources to meet the increase in demand for this cleaner heating technology. 


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Did you know that we will apply for the BUS grant on your behalf? You barely have to lift a finger. If you’re interested in finding out whether your home is suitable for a heat pump and eligible for the grant – then get in touch today. You can also find out how a heat pump installation is conducted from enquiry through to installation and ongoing customer support in our step by step guide to heat pump installations. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey to a more sustainable future!