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Heat pump installation – a step by step guide



Heat pumps are a hot topic, but the technology is relatively new, so understandably you need absolute confidence that your heat pump installation is in safe hands. In this blog we’ll explain exactly what’s involved at every step, from the moment you make an enquiry with us, to the installation process and ongoing maintenance and support.

Heat pump installation – a step by step guide

Our free pre-sales service

Not all homes are suitable for an air source heat pump, but we’ve made it easy to find out if yours is, and if so, how much it is likely to cost. All you have to do is type in your address at the bottom of this page. If your home has a current EPC certificate we’ll access that to obtain most of the information we need about your home. And don’t worry, there’s no hanging around. It’s all done in real-time whilst you’re online. 

There are just a few questions you’ll need to answer, and then our system will tell you whether your property is suitable for a heat pump, what the estimated cost is and whether you’re eligible for the £7,500 BUS grant towards its purchase and installation. 


Make an enquiry


The next step is to register your interest with us. Again, that’s just a very quick online form to provide us with your contact details. Don’t forget to tick the ‘home heat pump’ box at the top of the page. We also install electric vehicle chargers, so need to understand which service you’re interested in.


Pre-installation assessment and survey


Before we arrange for one of our specialist heat pumps engineers to pay you a visit and conduct a free survey of your home, we’ll just need a bit more information about your property. We’ll ask you, where possible, to upload some photos and information onto our secure online portal. This enables us to pre-qualify your eligibility for a heat pump. 


If we’re satisfied that your home is a good fit for a heat pump, then we’ll arrange for one of our engineers to visit your property and conduct a pre-installation survey. This is completely free and does not obligate you in any way. We’re a national company with a nationwide network of heat pump engineers who have all been through our in-house training academy, so we’re likely to have someone local who can visit you. 


During the survey our engineer will review your current heating system and assess where your new heat pump will go. They will also conduct a heat loss survey of your home. This involves measuring each room’s dimensions, the size of your windows and what glazing you have and the size of your radiators. We’ll also assess the construction of your walls, floors and ceilings and look at what insulation you have. We do this to calculate the heat loss in each room, which we use specialist software for. At this point we’ll also ask you what temperature you want each room. That way we can design a bespoke heating system to your exact requirements. You can find out what the free survey involves in more detail in our blog ‘What your free heat pump survey will tell you’.


Your proposal

Using all the information we’ve collected, we will design your new heating system, selecting the most appropriate heat pump unit for your home - one that will heat your home and hot water as effectively and efficiently as possible. We aim to provide your proposal within three working days, and this will include a heat loss report, a performance estimate, which gives you an indication of the energy you will consume using the new system, a brochure with all the technical information about your new heat pump and an estimation of the cost. 


The proposal will also tell you if we advise any upgrades to improve the efficiency of the new system, such as replacing radiators or upgrading your insulation. You can read more about why your radiators might need replacing in our blog, ‘Will my heat pump be compatible with my existing radiators?’


Grant eligibility and application

If you decide to proceed, then as an approved and certified installer, if you are eligible, we will apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant on your behalf, so you don’t have to lift a finger! The grant comes to us and we invoice you for the remaining balance once the installation is complete.



If you have any questions or concerns about the proposal, then all you have to do is get in touch. You’ll be assigned a dedicated customer liaison officer who will deal with all your enquiries. If and when you are happy to proceed, then we will ask for a deposit. At this point, if applicable, we will also make the grant application. This takes a maximum of 10 days, although we have been known to get same day approval. We will also obtain the required approvals from your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and once all approvals are in place, we aim to have your installation booked in within two weeks. 



Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. From the moment our engineers arrive on your doorstep, they will be friendly and professional. They will be happy to listen to any concerns you might have and answer any questions. Installation takes on average between three and four days, but don’t feel you have to remain at home during that time. We’re more than happy for you to leave us with access and to get on with our work. Unfortunately you will be without heating and hot water during some of the installation, but we aim to keep this to an absolute minimum and will let you know in advance when things are being switched off. 


If you’ve needed any of your radiators replacing and asked us to do this as part of the installation, we will make sure your old radiators are taken away. We’ll also take away your old boiler and these are recycled by an approved contractor. We will also ensure that we thoroughly clean up after ourselves so your house is left in pristine condition. Before we leave we’ll run through a demonstration of your new heating system so you’re 100% confident in how it works and how to maximise its efficiency and performance.


Post installation

As part of our proposal we’ll have offered you an optional service and maintenance package. This includes an annual heat pump service to make sure your new system performs optimally throughout the year, as well as 24/7 assistance and emergency call-out from one of our local engineers. It gives you peace of mind that should you need any support, we’re on hand to help. 


We’d love to plug you in on your journey to a more sustainable future. Why not get the ball rolling by finding out how much a new heat pump might cost you - just click on 'Get a quote' at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, register your interest here and we’ll get back in touch with you! We look forward to hearing from you.


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