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Accelerating Change: Highlights from the Inaugural Heat Pump Summit



Last month marked a pivotal moment in the push towards sustainable heating solutions with the inaugural Heat Pump Summit held at the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government. Proudly standing as keynote panel sponsors alongside key players from across the industry including Centrica, Vaillant and Kensa, as well as representatives from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), we explored how, together as an industry, we can accelerate the widescale deployment of heat pumps and the transition to a greener future.

Accelerating Change: Highlights from the Inaugural Heat Pump Summit

Organised by Green. TV, the summit brought together not only industry experts, but central and local government, as well as the wider cleantech, developers and commercial property sectors, to explore the benefits, the challenges and the solutions required for heat pump adoption at scale, as well as how we can collectively deliver on commercial opportunities.  

Representing Calisen on the panel was Ian Fisher, our Director of Marketing and Communications, while Commercial Director, Sam Peachman took to the stage to present insights under the theme 'Decarbonising Heat Pumps – Accelerating Widescale Deployment'. Sam’s presentation, anchored by the results of recent consumer research that we have conducted alongside Boston Consulting Group, shed light on crucial barriers hindering heat pump adoption and outlined strategies to overcome them.


Our consumer research, which captured data from 2000 representative respondents uncovered many vital insights. Among the findings it became evident that the primary driver motivating consumers to embrace heat pumps is cost savings. However, the overarching hurdle remains affordability, with 56% of respondents citing cost as a significant barrier and 70% expressing interest in financing solutions.


In response to these findings, our presentation discussed how we, as a company, and together as an industry, need to offer a choice of sustainable financing solutions at scale in order to increase heat pump adoption. This includes developing propositions that will deliver in-life cost savings by addressing and removing the affordability gap in combination with dynamic energy tariffs. 


Reflecting on the summit's impact, Sam Peachman remarked, “It was an excellent event. Not only was it fantastic to see the industry come together to advance the rollout of heat pumps, but to see that as an industry, we recognise the importance of collaboration. The challenges we face demand collective action, and this summit served as the perfect catalyst for initiating those crucial conversations and building innovative solutions.”


We were also delighted to take the opportunity to announce Plug Me In’s commitment as lead sponsor of Green. TV Media’s inaugural Heat Pump Week, scheduled for 23-29 September 2024. Heat Pump Week promises to be a cornerstone event driving progress in the UK's heat pump industry, and we are honoured to lend our expertise and lead the charge towards realising a cleaner, net-zero future for all.


With momentum building and partnerships flourishing, the inaugural Heat Pump Summit provided an exciting opportunity to help build a more sustainable, climate-resilient tomorrow. Together, as an industry we will continue to innovate, collaborate and propel the heat pump revolution forward to bring smarter energy for all.