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7 ways keep your home warm and save energy this winter

With the cost of living crisis showing little sign of abating and the energy price cap rising on the 1st of January, many of us need look at ways to keep our homes warm without resorting to turning up the thermostat. The good news is, there are many ways to keep conserve energy and keep your home nice and toasty. Here are seven suggestions…

7 ways keep your home warm and save energy this winter

Draught-proof your windows and doors


With the exception of new build homes, houses and apartments are likely to lose some heat through draughts around windows, doors and chimneys, and even gaps in the floorboards and skirting boards. According to the Energy Saving Trust, draught-proofing windows and doors and blocking cracks in floors and skirting can save you around £100 - £125 a year on your energy bill. 


Insulate your walls and under your floors


Energy bills aren’t the only things going through the roof. Did you know that around 25% of heat can also be lost through your roof if it is not properly insulated. If you install 25cm of insulation throughout your loft, a significant proportion of heat will be retained. Uninsulated walls can also cause around a third of heat to be lost and by insulating under your floorboards you could save around £40 a year.


Insulate your water tank


If you have a hot water tank, then insulating it will help keep your water warmer for longer. And this will reduce your heating costs. According to the Energy Saving Trust increasing the insulation to a British Standard Jacket that is 80mm thick will save you around £70 a year. 


Insulate your pipes


You can also keep water hotter by insulating your pipes. Exposed pipes between the hot water tank and the boiler can be insulated with a foam tube which you can buy from any DIY store.


Turn the thermostat down


The average household sets their thermostat to 20°C or higher. In fact, according to USwitch, 2.7 million UK households set their thermostat to 25°C. 1  Just by turning the thermostat down by a single degree, a typical home can save around £80 a year. 


Don’t block off heat from radiators


As tempting as it is to keep towels and clothes toasty on radiators, by doing so, they are absorbing precious heat. If you remove all items off radiators and keep spaces in front of your radiators free of furniture, it will vastly improve the circulation of heat around your home.


Consider replacing your boiler with a heat pump


Switching to an air source heat pump could also save you money. A heat pump’s running costs depend on your home’s size, insulation and energy supply, but if you are considering it, then why not book a free survey. Our experts will come round and assess your home to see if an air source heat pump if a good fit and we will design a heating solution that aims to reduce your running costs and save you money. Of course, if you combine a heat pump with solar panels and home battery storage, then you can save even more by using your own generated electricity. 


Get in touch today, so start the ball rolling by booking your free heat pump survey. We’d love to help you on your journey to a greener and more sustainable future!


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