Plug me In partners with Allstar to simplify EV charge point installations for fleets

Posted November 15, 2023

Plug Me In Partners with Allstar

Plug Me In has teamed up with Allstar, one of the UK’s leading fuel, EV and business expense payment providers, to help businesses simplify the complex process of installing home and workplace electric vehicle (EV) charge points.


Working together, the companies will provide an inclusive service that covers all aspects of EV charger installations including on-site surveys, charger selection and ongoing maintenance to help streamline the often-confusing process.


Plug Me In can liaise directly with employees throughout the whole process of installing home chargers, helping to give businesses back the time whilst still providing piece of mind and visibility into the progress of installations.


Plug Me In will recommend charge points that are compatible with Allstar’s range of EV solutions including Allstar Homecharge, which helps simplify the payment of charging at home, with payments made directly to drivers’ energy supplier helping improve efficiency and reduce administration for businesses and drivers. 


This comes as demand for EV vehicles continues to rise, with more than 840,000 fully electric cars on UK roads, a further 520,000 plug-in hybrids, and the country’s 2035 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles drawing closer. Although these numbers are increasing rapidly, there are still many businesses that either haven’t started the electrification process or are still in the early stages of adoption. Meanwhile, charge points and their installation remain one of the key challenges for fleets of all sizes.  


Ashley Tate, Managing Director Allstar Chargepass in the UK said: “It’s become clear that the process of home charger installation has become far too convoluted, with an array of suppliers on the market, many businesses don’t know where to turn.

“This can be very time consuming and put a significant strain on a business looking to adopt EV. On top of that, there's still the daunting task of managing charging costs and compensating drivers for their home and public charging. But with this partnership, we will be able to significantly reduce these problems for fleets of all sizes streamlining the experience of installing home and workplace chargers.”


Andrew Stead, Commercial Director at Plug Me In, said: "This fantastic new partnership is perfectly placed to allow Plug Me In to support Allstar’s extensive network of fleets as they adopt electric vehicles. Our customer-focused, streamlined approach will simplify and speed up how businesses manage charging of their EV fleets. We’re excited to see where this partnership goes as both our companies continue to thrive in this space."


Plug Me In are OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions) accredited and are authorised to safely install electric vehicle chargers, enabling you to access any grants you may be eligible for.


To find out more about Allstar, visit: or contact our expert team at: 0345 266 5101.