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Why heat pumps are such a hot topic

Posted September 5, 2023



If the UK is going to reach the government’s 2050 Net Zero carbon emissions target, then as a population we’ll need to reduce our household CO2 emissions by a whopping 95%!


When you consider that the majority of household CO2 emissions come from heating our homes and water, you begin to understand why heat pump adoption is going to be so important.

Why heat pumps are such a hot topic

What does net zero mean? 


Net Zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (which Co2 makes up the bulk of) produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. There are two different routes to achieving Net Zero which work in tandem: reducing existing emissions and actively removing greenhouse gases. A Gross-Zero target would mean reducing all emissions to zero. This is not realistic, so instead the Net-Zero target recognises that there will be some emissions, but these need to be fully offset. When the amount of carbon emissions produced is cancelled out by the amount removed, then Net-Zero is achieved.


What’s the target for households?

In 2017, the average household generated 2,745 kg of CO2 emissions from heating. To reach the government’s Net Zero 2050 target, each household will need to reduce its heating emissions to a mere 138 kg of CO2. That’s where the 95% reduction figure comes in.


We’re never going to hit the Net Zero target if we all continue to heat our homes and hot water using natural gas or oil. To achieve the emissions reductions required we need to move away from heating our homes using high carbon fossil fuels and move to low-carbon alternatives or appliances that can be converted to use a clean fuel, such as heat pumps.


Did you know that by the mid 2030s, new gas and oil boiler installations are going to be phased out? The government has a target of increasing voluntary installations of heat pumps from 30,000 a year to 600,000 a year by 2028 and to encourage this they are offering a £5,000 grant towards the cost of installation under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


Are you considering a heat pump? Let us help get you plugged in to a more sustainable future! Get in touch to arrange a home survey. We’ll tell you whether your home is suitable for a heat pump, advise you on your options and provide an estimate of total costs.