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Introducing the OZEV grant for EV chargepoints. Are you eligible?



Did you know that there are government grants available to help towards the cost of and installation of an electric vehicle chargepoint socket at your property? The OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) grant is worth either £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a home charger, whichever amount is lower, but there are strict eligibility criteria. Here’s the lowdown to help you understand whether you’re eligible and how to secure the grant. 

Introducing the OZEV grant for EV chargepoints. Are you eligible?

Do you qualify for the OZEV grant?


The grant is available if:

  • You own and live in a flat (this includes flats bought through the shared ownership scheme).

  • You rent a residential property.

  • Your home has its own dedicated off-street parking space that is accessible at all times and you have the legal right to use. You will need to provide proof legal rights and permissions.

  • You haven’t claimed the grant already.

  • Your property is in the UK. Unfortunately you cannot apply for the grant if you live in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

  • Your car qualifies under the scheme.


Does your car qualify?


It’s worth noting that not all plug-in vehicles are eligible for the grant. All full battery electric vehicles are eligible, but plug-in hybrid vehicles must have CO2 emissions that are calculated to be under 50g/km. You can check if your vehicle qualifies on the list of OZEV-approved electric vehicles.


You must also provide evidence that you own or use an eligible vehicle. This can be:

  • As a registered owner.

  • If you’ve leased one for at least 6 months.

  • If you’ve used one as a work vehicle for at least 6 months.

  • If you’ve currently got one on order


Do you qualify? If so, we can help you claim the grant.


Here at Plug Me In we are an OZEV-authorised installer, which means we can claim the grant on your behalf. We will assess your parking space to make sure your vehicle can charge safely and we will make sure you have all the documentation and legal proofs that are required, such as legal rights over your parking space and vehicle lease documentation. 

We’ll then do all the leg work – making the application for you. Once we’ve received OZEV approval we’ll complete the work, ensuring that your new chargepoint is on the list of 

OZEV-approved chargepoint models. Your final invoice from us will show the total cost of installation, minus the grant amount. 


Are you interested in installing an EV chargepoint at your property? Then why not book a free 30-minute survey of your home, where our experts will assess the area where you want the charger installed, inspect the property’s electrics and plan cabling routes. At this point we will also discuss your eligibility for the OZEV grant and once you’re ready to proceed, make the claim on your behalf.

 Book your home survey today. We look forward to helping you on your journey to a greener and more sustainable future!