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How an electric vehicle will save you money

Posted December 7, 2023



Although list prices are coming down, electric vehicles (EVs) still have a relatively high upfront price tag. However, if you do a bit of number crunching, you’ll see that you can probably save money with an EV. We take a look at the options that help EV drivers reduce the cost.



How an electric vehicle will save you money

Until 2025 you can save on road tax as EVs are currently exempt. What’s more, if you live or drive in London, EV car and van owners don’t need to pay the London congestion or Ulez charge. There’s also significant savings to be had on annual maintenance. That’s because EVs have far fewer moving parts than petrol or diesel vehicles, which makes them cheaper to maintain and repair. 


The most cost-effective way to charge your EV is to plug it in to a charging point fitted outside your home or in your garage. The cost of powering your car will depend on your energy tariff, but it’s guaranteed to be a whole lot cheaper than filling a petrol or diesel vehicle up. If you choose the right energy provider and tariff you can save even more by charging it overnight when there is less demand on the energy grid, and if you have solar panels fitted, you could even charge it for free. 


If you’re considering installing a EV charging point at home, then you might well be eligible for the government’s EV Chargepoint Grant, which pays up to 75% (capped at £350) towards the cost of its purchase and installation. As an authorised installer of charge points, we can help you assess whether you meet the criterial for the grant. And with our national network of specialist EV engineers, and no alliance to any one manufacturer, we can help you assess your options based on your lifestyle and budget.


We’d love to support you on your EV journey. Get in touch today and we’ll answer any questions that you have.