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Factors to consider when installing workplace EV chargers



Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming the go-to choice for fleet managers and company car drivers, and forward thinking companies choosing to install EV charging stations at their workplace are reaping the rewards. From boosted revenue and reputation, to employee attraction and retention, as well as helping to meet sustainability goals, installing EV chargers at your workplace can future proof your business. 

Factors to consider when installing workplace EV chargers

However, there’s no one size fits all charging solution. To help put you in the driving seat when you’re thinking about installing an EV charging station, here are our top five key factors to consider. 


  1. Business goal alignment

Before you can even consider the practicalities of installing EV chargers at your workplace, you need to consider the business case and requirements. For example, who will be using the charging stations? How many EVs are you expecting to charge per day? Will you be offering EV charging to fleet car drivers only, or as a complementary service to all employees with an EV? Is ROI important? Will you be offering destination charging to the general public for a fee? Do you want to own and maintain the assets or benefit from an EV charging as-a-service model with no upfront investment?


  1. What type of chargers do you need?

You also need to consider what type of chargers you need? Do you need slow (AC) charging stations or fast (DC) charging stations, or a combination of both? You might find that regular AC stations are enough to provide full charge to employees who are on site all day. However, if your fleet drivers come and go, then investing in faster DC chargers will enable quick top-ups.


  1. Where will you install your chargers?

The location of your chargers is also a big consideration. When determining the charging station location, you need factor in the distance between the electrical panel and the physical charging station and keep this to a minimum  in order to reduce installation costs and disruption. Parking space availability is also an obvious aspect to address. If your parking is already usually full or of a limited size, then you need to consider how many spaces you convert to EV charging points. The size of the charger is also a factor. EV chargers come in various shapes and sizes and can be mounted or free standing. We can help you assess your options and come up with an best solution for your business.


  1. Will you need to upgrade your power supply?

Installing EV chargers is a bit more complex than just plugging the charger into your workplace’s existing power supply. They need to be specially wired into your building, which means you need to make sure your power supply can handle the extra power required. You might need to upgrade to a more powerful version. Again, we can help you assess this and advise you based on your power supply and the number of charging stations you’re installing.


  1. What will the installation and maintenance costs be?

There’s no doubt that the cost of installing EV chargers is a significant investment. The good news is, the UK government is offering businesses a grant of up to £14,000. The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based scheme and is limited to 75% of the purchase and installation costs. Your other option is our Charging-as-a-Service, which means there’s no upfront costs involved. Available for most business, our Charging-as-a-Service enables you to get your fleet on the road, while allowing you to reduce your financial outlay and spread the upfront costs over a longer period of time. It means we own the EV charging assets throughout the agreement and take responsibility for their maintenance, giving you total freedom to use them in the way you want, including keeping any revenue generated from them. 


We’d love to help get you on the road to a more sustainable future. If you’re considering installing EV chargers or expanding your charging stations at your business premises, then get in touch today. With our national team of in-house accredited installers and engineers, we can be on hand to support you every step of the journey.