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Charging aheadArrow

Barry Nichols discusses making the move from self-employed electrician to EV installer with Plug Me In

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When should fleet managers switch to EVs and how to plan the transitionArrow

We take a look at the benefits of EVs for businesses and some of the steps to take when making the transition.

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Busting the common myths about electric vehiclesArrow

We bust some of the common myths that are circulating and encourage people to get plugged-in to a more sustainable future.

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The Boiler Upgrade Scheme just got a big boostArrow

Last autumn saw a whopping 57% increase in people applying for the UK government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant

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How to get best performance out of EVs in cold weatherArrow

We look at the top tips to keep your EV on the road in cold weather.

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Introducing the OZEV grant for EV chargepoints. Are you eligible?Arrow

Find out whether you’re eligible and how to secure the grant. 

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7 ways keep your home warm and save energy this winterArrow

Read through the 7 ways to conserve energy and keep your home nice and toasty in winter.

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What your free heat pump survey will tell youArrow

In this blog we’ll explain what’s involved and what your free pre-installation survey will tell you.

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Heat pump installation – a step by step guideArrow

In this blog we’ll explain exactly what’s involved at every step, from the moment you make an enquiry with us, to the installation process and ongoing maintenance and support.

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How EV charging at your workplace adds incredible valueArrow

We take a look at how adding EV charging to your workplace can also increase the value of a commercial building and potentially bring in additional revenue.

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Do air source heat pumps work in UK winters?Arrow

In this blog we’ll explain how heat pumps work in winter and also provide a few top tips on how to keep your heat pump in tip top condition.

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We’re on a mission to cut air pollution – are you with usArrow

Find out how driving an EV reduces air pollution, making our streets cleaner and our towns and cities a better place to be – saving thousands of lives.